The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Mmm.. tea

So I get home this evening, have something to eat and set down to fix
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So I get home this evening, have something to eat and set down to fix <ljusertag = "metalrabbit">'s computer, spend an hour and a half just trying to persuade it to operate long enough to copy the essential stuff onto the spare partition, format it, reinstall windows and find the bastard thing back to its old tricks within minutes of installing the last few drivers... come to think of it, it started acting the bastard after I got the graphics accelerator drivers installed.

This is not the way the world should work. By rights I should be getting peeled grapes fed to me while I searched through a box of about fifty CDs of drivers and applications for the right one for the modem. Toga clad virgins fanning me were entirely optional but welcome. Instead she takes over my PC and eats my god damned M&Ms. Still.. she's making ice cream, so there's hope yet. Still, I sat down to read stuff for a while, something I don't do during the week as often as I'd like.

Then I cleaned out the rabbit cage and put down some fresh sawdust and hay, making two of the house's occupants very happy, I know they're happy because they're ignoring me totally in favour of fresh bedding to eat, usually I can't move from my chair without being the most interesting thing in the house - a novelty for me, someone who thinks a good way to spend an evening is killing monsters in some MMO or other.
Incidentally, dubliners, if you've been noticing a foul stench around the city today, I suspect it's less to do with our stressed sewage system and more to do with the two day old gumbo in a pot in our place. That shit is foul, no wonder the south rose - moving north was the only way to get away from the smell. Now fresh gumbo is delightful but a householder hint to you all is to make sure it's sealed in lead at the bottom of the sea before the day is out.
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