The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Given that this looks very much like something I could be pissing and moaning about for several days I figure I should qualify all future statements on the topic by saying "I don't blame the tech guys for this, ninety nine times out of a hundred these problems are caused by some jackass further up the company, usually a frenchman".

So. Day two of the Warhammer Online EU beta continues to go on without anyone actually getting into the sodding game. Threads on the topic are breaking the 4000 post mark without any kind of resolution in sight. By way of contrast, I, like many many other people, have managed to get a free key from and access to the US beta and started downloading the client within five minutes of starting the attempt. People are reportedly *flooding* to the US servers with the intention of setting up their retail accounts there when the day comes - and who can blame them? With a "guaranteed access" beta that would supposedly "go just as smooth as the actual release day" I don't see how they can have a huge amount of confidence in the big day actually happening on time and more importantly (and the prospect of this one chills me too), aren't wild about the prospect of handing over credit card information to a group that has made such an utter balls of the event.

In the meantime, the "Community Managers" on the Irish side (who, I am gleefully assured by people in the know, are close to a well deserved nervous breakdown) have yet to actually post a single statement that has proven true either in retrospect or given a basic grasp of the facts at hand (the best example being that at 4pm they said that registration was once again available and that confirmation emails would go out two or so hours later. Needless to say, eight or so hours later, very few people are actually getting them.

Wacky fun I tell you.

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