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I came to a realisation this morning on the way into work. When I deal with companies (that is to say, electricity, phone, our software vendors and so on) I treat the conversations Baldur's Gate 2 style. I have the conversation and then, if I didn't like the outcome, I ring again, have the conversation and repeat the process until I like the outcome.

Unfortunately this doesn't work with banks who seem to have a more "Final Fantasy" method of communication insofar as they will hold the conversation once, and only once and then, as an entire entity will simply repeat the same answer over and over and over.

No, I don't know what I'm talking about either. I'm already feeling withdrawal from the whole messed up computer thing. I was supposed to be organising a LAN for the end of the month but somehow I don't see the point right at this moment given that I don't know how long I'm going to be without my baby. Matt and Dan were over last night to play some Jedi 2 multiplayer and when the machine failed it was like I'd accidentally exposed myself to them. I think it might just be for the best that I get a break from it anyway.

I can catch up on my reading for starters, Metalrabbit has a stack of "Strangers in Paradise" comics loaned to her by the amazing PurityBrown. Normally I loathe comics dealing with "real" subject matter like relationships (as a high level thread to the story anyway) but these things are like a pen and paper crack cocaine. They're one of those comic series that you wish you could read more slowly so you can appreciate them more but you find yourself blazing through them, two novels at a time. No doubt some of you may well disagree but you may as well keep that to yourself, we're not going to convince each other... you filthy heathens.

Prayer for the day:

Dear God,
you can let up now,
you can make the fool in development stop calling,
you can make my computer well again,
I have learned my lesson,
Never more shall I laugh at a skater losing a tooth and getting smashed in the balls by a railing at the same time.

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