The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Life is increasingly revolving around Baby Wombat's refusal to leave the presumably comfortable confines of followthebird's womb. At this point I'm actually considering getting on a bicycle for the first time in about eight years so I can get from work to home more quickly and readily. I'm worried the child might be an idiot actually, it seems to have tried to make an escape through her ribs, her belly button and her lungs. One would expect that gravity would give it a clue but if the exceptionally strong genes on my side of the family are dominant then it is entirely possible that the child is just getting started early on the tradition of being contrary and taking the opposing viewpoint for shits and giggles.

So, an idiot OR it takes after me, which to some people is one and the same.

Once more I am perplexed by social networking sites. Yesterday night I joined Linkedin because a few people at work mentioned it and I'm a sucker for anything that has my name associated with professionalism instead of carefree alcohol abuse but by the time I'd had time to scratch myself and choke down the first mug of repugnant coffee substitute (which is still infinitely better than the swill served by the Insomnia cafe beside the Luas stop where I get off) this morning I already had several invites to join networks and I'll be damned if I can even figure out how to find people on the rather large and widespread work network I'm already on so I have NO earthly idea how they found me, mere hours after doing a half assed job of creating my profile. I am a very particular kind of luddite, the kind who, upon installing a web server, SQL database and hacking together a Wiki will get pissed off trying to figure out how to add a logo to the damned thing so don't be surprised if I somehow mess this thing up to the point where I'm the last man on earth.

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