The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The naughty that men do

I spent the vast majority of my weekend trying to sort out my software collection, with some success I might add. I played a little dark age of camelot (which I am now playing a little again since I talked myself into it while describing it to gothwalk), I tried using the hak pack editor for NWN to make myself a hack pack of my own but that didn't work out, I'll definitely be hosting a regular session of it once we have the magical DSL connection in. Myself and Greg went to a Lan yesterday where I drank too much caffine stuff and as a result I am feeling decidedly sick and (looking back over this post) losing the ability to employ paragraphs and proper punctuation and follow a train of thought for more than half a sentence. We played counterstrike, vampire slayers, firearms and starcraft - the last two being a little lame for some reason. A good weekend all in all, though I'm considering taking next monday off to have a long weekend where I do nothing instead of rushing around the place under the illusion I'm being productive.

Tonight I finish American Gods (for the fourth time) and Stupid White Men (thanks metalrabbit)
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