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Graphics Card - The Musical

Jim Larkin, also known as "Big Jim", Ireland's first major trade union leader, the man who united the workers in the face of british industrial rule. A giant of a man, both physically and politically who was responsible for the lockout of 1913 who helped establish worker's rights in this country, now the subject of a new musical called - you've guessed it "Jim Larkin - The Musical"

I'm not even kiddng, truth, once again is stranger than anything I could make up.

It would appear that my graphics card is pretty much screwed. Least, I assume it's the graphics card, whenever my computer is on for any length of time the screen goes funny [1]. I reinstalled the drivers, I checked the card (it doesn't smell burned) reinstalled windows completly in case of a virus and it's still happening

As I said, it's looking like the thing is shagged but if anyone knows any better and knows a fix that doesn't involve paint stripper and paperclips and other warranty invalidators, by all means let me know.

Needless to say, I had the recipt for the computer in my hands about a fortnight ago and I put it "somewhere safe". Really safe - I can't find the bastard now. I really want to launch into a tirade of profanity right now but I need to save it for the inevitable bullshit later this afternoon. I might also point out that the needless formatting cost me my Warcraft 3 save games, GTA save games, Neverwinter Nights saves and scenario and lord knows what else because A) I couldn't get the thing working long enough to copy them and B) I was worried about my baby and that worry seems to have overridden what little common sense I have. I am now contemplating the loss of quite a lot of my data.

Today is going to be a long one....



[1] About twenty vertical bars of distortion appear on the screen, each bar is slightly different but they all combine to make the screen look like it's covered in mild static (I can still see the desktop picture) with purple lines and flecks here and there.

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