The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I'm not entirely sure what chain of links led me to this video but I *really* like it and I think its well worth a watch.

In a lot of ways it reminds me of something I occasionally detest, something that is generally at the root of most of society's problems - lazy thinking. Clever people (and I only occasionally count myself amongst that group) have a terrible tendency to assume that other people are dumb or incapable of understanding the complex issues the clever people struggle with so when the evidence mounts that, for example, we're all going to die in a hail of fire and garbage they give the problem a catchy title - like "Global Warming" or worse still let stupid people (and I count the media amongst that group pretty constantly) coin that phrase and let it spread, misunderstanding widespread use of the name as understanding of the underlying issue.

So we end up with the clever people trying to explain that actually no, despite the name it isn't actually the planet getting warmer, its that the climate is *changing* but... well not really because its actually our approaching a critical point in the global climate where things could switch into apocalpytic mode over the course of a year and before long you have people with ... what? four, maybe five versions of the basic story. Global warming, climate change, approaching mass climate change, complete horseshit spread by a media controlled by a group who have a vested interest in the status quo and finally utter ignorance because the whole damned thing is too confusing.

You see it everywhere, people who can just about manage maybe one degree of thought before they give up and arrive at a dumbass conclusion like (to take an example I was just reading) female genital mutilation or an arranged marriage is okay once the woman is volunteering for it, like cultural conditioning, familial expectations and an underlying threat of violence should she not "volunteer" aren't all factors.

So, watch the video, its an enjoyable explanation of the entire issue at a very high level and a good debate about the nature of uncertainty and inaction (not to mention a good example of scientific thinking in general) and when you're finished, do yourself and everyone else a favour and don't dumb these issues down because you think the other party isn't smart enough to understand the finer points of the story and especially not if they actually *are* too dumb to get it.

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