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Coming soon on the Mr_Wombat show

This weekend I get to back up all the junk on my computer to CD, format the machine, reinstall the whole goddamned thing, reinstall all the applications and utilities I've gotten used to using, download an updated firewall, download a decent virus killer and generally make my computer very very secure and then run a thorough virus check and make a ghost image of the entire drive before I get to do anything else.

Part of me says "All because some little loser shitbag decided to write a little piece of code that deletes the program files folder. Killing is too fucking good for those cunts." but the Zen bit says "Well, you were meaning to do all that anyway because you do it at least once a year to keep it tidy"

After that though, I'm going to do stuff... oh such stuff shall I do.. for starters I'm going to dismantle all the neverwinter nights hak paks I have and make one decent one for future gaming attempts - my intention is to start running a regular NWN gaming session for anyone interested once we get DSL in. It being free is a major advantage over AO basically, so my intention is to make this hak pak containing the very best additional material that can't be reproduced by creative scripting and toolset use - some new monsters like demons and devils and stuff but mostly weapons and armor/robes for a little more atmosphere.

Oh, my birthday is next week and it looks like I'm working late that night. Oddly I'm not pissed off about this. The last few years in here whenever I took time off for my birthday it got cancelled, so I decided not to bother even trying this year, thus working late came as no surprise at all.
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