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So, as many of you know, we own a pair of rabbits, these rabbits stay in their cage or in their hutch outside for most of the time but whenever possible, usually once a day, they're let out for a cuddle and some play and petting on the sofa.
Now, the thing about sofas and bunnys is that you need a rug or something on the sofa to prevent large amounts of teeth related damage. We have two sofas, one with a thick green rug which is almost compltly bunnyproof and one which is thinner but which does not have whatever strange property it is that causes the rabbits to try and eat the green one all the time.

So, a few nights back gothwalk and inanna are over and we're killing some time and enjoying the evening and we have the black rabbit, friend, out for a hop. She tried to leap up onto the back of the sofa and almost made it but unfortunately bunnies have a lot of weight in their rear and it slowly dragged her back down... really slowly, slowly enough that I had time to laugh and say "heuston, we have a problem"

Well.... she scrambled back on top of the sofa and gave me quite the filthiest look I've ever been subject to. It was penetrating, reproachful and saddened all at once.

Of course, then we let the brown one (foe) out afterwards, so he hopped onto the back of the sofa, planted his forepaws on top of my head and started grooming me with a vengance....

They're wierd, friend is very catlike in her affections, it's only when it suits her and there's usually something more interesting than you to be looking at, foe on the other hand is quite doglike in that he always hops up to me to give me a lick on the nose when I crouch down by the cage.

anyway, I probably shouldn't find this funny but the evil in me can't help it. I'd never even heard of this star wars kid thing but it seems he's suing those responsible for making him famous.

I dunnow, for every article or bit of evidence there is about how geeks are normal people with odd hobbies, there's a chunky darth maul and a "dhampaiyre" wandering around the place screaming and hugging people at conventions.

Well... at least now people might think that geeks will sue if they're mocked, maybe that's good...

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