The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

windows will eat itself

My program files folder decided to lose some weight on saturday morning as I was preparing to put together some CDs of information for an upcoming game and burn a few bits and pieces I intended to give to other people and generally do all the things I was putting off for the last few weeks. Long story short, it emptied itself and I've spent the weekend looking around for a version of windows other than 98 to put on the thing to no avail. I really don't look forward to wasting away an evening installing crap again but it looks inevitable... once I find a copy of win2K knocking around. Until then I'm less onliney than usual.

In other news, AO doesn't seem to be doing the gaming buzz for us any more, unless gothwalk knows otherwise. Does anyone have any cheap alternatives? NwN seems like an option but - and don't ask me why - the fact that it doesn't have proper hills bothers me to the point where I'm not actually all that enthusiastic about it. Ultima online is another option with all those free shards out there but it suffers the same problem.
I never thought hills would be a criteria for my gaming choices....


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