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Thanks to spending most of the frigging year so far either in a hospital, on the way to the hospital, coming back from the hospital or recovering after being in the hospital I'm well behind on my "one render every fortnight" thing and I've done little to rectify it.

Behind the cut is the result of a week or so of learning photoshop, shading technology and all that crap. Not technically part of the resolution which.. to be honest is probably down the shitter now. This one is a bit more special because it involves far more work by me. The model is stock, the rest is the result of several hours on photoshop and finding brushes on the internet. I hope to get something done with the rest of the body over the next couple of weeks but I'm inclined to move onto something else before I burn out on this one.

Reasons I am not happy with it (as usual)
It is too well lit, the first render I did contained a mistake that made the lips end far too abruptly but looked way better overall, darker eyes and all that.
The lips and nose are sort of glowing but this is a problem with the renderer and I can do nothing about it, I still hate it when it happens though. I'd correct it in photoshop but I honestly can't be bothered now.


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