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Fri, Jan. 19th, 2007, 11:53 am

For the second month in a row I've bought a digital art magazine that contains a full tutorial with a sequence of logical steps. As I've mentioned previously they have a tendency to playster the cover with "Model and texture this amazing image!!" while step #1 on the inside is "Load the model from the cover disk" and step #2 goes along the lines of "Then load the texture" so this is a fairly big deal for me - educationally speaking. This time it covers the software I used for the first of the images, the desert one and its already shown me where I could do things a lot better. Incidentally it has a copy of Bryce 5.0 on it and I already have a legitimate license for version 6 so if anyone wants the key, holler. Alternatively the magazine is ImagineFX if you just want to buy it, its a great gamer/fantasy/sci-fi geek magazine even if you don't fancy like 3D since it covers all kinds of digital work.