The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

People in need of a vigorous stabbing

#1 The software designers at creative for making it an utterly unpleasant job to get music to and from my old creative Zen. Ditching MP3 tags at random is not the way to go people. The software for the new one is fairly wreched but it does the job... slowly and badly but without the number of pointless errors in the old version. Still, transferring MP3s is always a pain in the knackers.
Either way though, taking an excellent piece of hardware and fucking it with bad windows software is bad bad bad.

#2 The fat wanker in the 04 BMW who ran a red light, nearly mowed me down and then fucking beeped at me like he hadn't just turned right when he had no business doing so. He was a brave enough man to toot the horn but not brave enough to avoid putting the accelerator down when I ran after him.

Unrelated... well, semi related (to the more regular spot where BMWtards keep running lights - box junctions. You're only allowed to enter them if you're turning right but are prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic. Fair enough - but whats the deal when the right route is blocked by a pedestrian light? I'm guessing that flooring it and trying to make it through before the pedestrians step out onto it isn't quite right.

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