The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Shoop oop be boop

Two things:
First of all, in 18 hours I am off work of a week, which let me tell you, is a seriously fucking cool feeling. One more day of work... (which seems like such a small thing now - just ask me how I feel later on in the day)...

hooooo-kayyyyy, I went to press the increase volume button on my keyboard, hit the play button by mistake and the dungeons and dragons trailer started playing.... I find this unnerving for several reasons... the main one being richard O'Brien's bald head leering out at me where once was livejournal... the other being that I never downloaded a trailer for that piece of shit... ever.

So anyway, week off... hells yes, this will rock.

Secondly, I only just realised that you american types are only getting 28 Days Later in the cinemas in the next week or so. Once again it rocks to be in the old country.
Nonetheless, go see this movie, it will quite probably rock your socks, shiver your timbers and cram the ram in ramadamadangadingdongdingdong.

Unless you prefer intelligent movies or something along those lines, in which case you will be disappointed with the lack of analysis of scottish drug culture in this movie.

I know I said there were two things, but now there are three.. THREE things!

The third thing is that I spent some time with a scalpel and my models bit box and managed to throw together something that looks not unlike sean connery carrying a sword with a trenchcoat holding two severed heads in the other hand... a sort of mix of connery and hopkins (as helsing) with a hint of extra badass.
I might try and take a pic of it before I paint the thing because I don't want to be one of those people who can't paint but still insists on putting pictures of what was previously a perfectly servicable piece of metal or plastic but their efforts have reduced it to a glossy lump of technicolor shit.

I swear to god.. enamel paints... painting on the artist's fixative with a brush... and as for the losers who paint only naked women miniatures and refer to them as "this Bitch"... or to be fair... "this Bicth"... captioned beneath a shitty grainy picture of some blue.... thing...

Savage beatings are deserved for starters...

Not so much a tangent as a spiral... no more robinsons orange for me for a while I think.... natural ingredients my ass....
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