The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Just so we're clear

The irish judicial system sets a precedent whereby it was (for a short while at least) legal for a paedophile to use the "I didn't know she was under age" as a defence against having sex with a minor.

Then they set up a precedent where its okay to beat a bloke with a stick and shoot him in the back in "self defence" - presumably so long as he's a traveller.

They *won't* set a precedent for recognising the marriage of two lesbians who were legally married/unioned in canada because there isn't a provision for it in the constitution - there isn't anything in the constitution particularly prohibiting it neither from what I can tell. The cynic in me awaits the next challenge by two hot teenaged spandex clad lesbians to see what sort of difference that makes to media coverage and public support of the issue.

Aaand finally, the government is set to introduce risk equalisation in the health insurance market to prevent one insurance company from charging the elderly and/or infirm more money than those in perfect health. I eagerly await the same being done to the car insurance companies. In response BUPA pulls out of the irish market.
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