The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

That bloody "Girls just want to have fun" song from one of the Wii games is lodged in my head on infinite loop and keeping me awake.
It was a short weekend - work party on friday, the first one I ever managed to get all the way through (I went to one in my previous job and it was looking good but had a bad pint and vomited explosively for about four hours which neatly summed up the whole experience of working there) after missing the last one through being in hospital with goopy eyeball it made a pleasant change to be there to see monday's gossip in the planning stages. Saturday was spent in getting rabbit stuff, in town and in Clondalkin with followthebird chilling out a bit and playing gamecube games before coming back home to play Wii games until I remembered to check my watch and noticed it was 4am. Normally this would mean I'd sleep in until three the next day but thanks to gerrowadat ringing the fucking doorbell at half ten I was up and about at a civil hour. Revenge will be mine though, odds are he's still in the sitting room playing Zelda and telling himself he'll be fine if he gets three or four hours kip.
Later in the day there was bakery of the worst kind, demonstrations of the Wii to all and sundry and bed. Another quality low productivity / high fun weekend that I'll end up paying for dearly next weekend.

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