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Wed, Sep. 11th, 2002, 09:33 am

Last night I learned an important lesson about ventilation and computers. It turns out that if the computer doesn't get enough air because the curtains have been shoved behind the thing, it starts to overheat and crash.

It seemed to be okay this morning though, fingers crossed. I only tried it for about ten minutes, which is nine and a half minutes more than it took to crash last night. My next task is to briefly open it up and check that the fan is working I suppose.

It also taught me that I would make a terrible father. If the kid caught a cold I'd spend about an hour and a half making the kid to pressups, take showers and question it repeatedly instead of letting it rest.

Stay tuned as my day gets gradually worse and I attempt update therapy to get through the day.
Coming soon - me being angry for your entertainment!