The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

followthebird and I went out to dinner last night in Luigi Malones where we had a feast fit for Dr Atkins. It isn't the cheapest place in the city but man alive, they really believe in the theory that meat > not meat and therefore sides take a distinctly distant second place in terms of plate surface area occupied. We had a bottle of white wine that I took a photo of while already quite drunk and now I can only make out "Marsanne" and possible "Semillion" or something along those lines. It was very nice, it caused drunkeness accompanied by tiredness as wine is wont to do but it was the kind of tired I associate with an evening in the gym as opposed to the more normal tiredness I would associate with not sleeping very well the previous night. She had the garlic chicken and I had the baby back ribs slathered in BBQ sauce on the basis that you can *never* go wrong with a slab of meat slathered in BBQ sauce.

Then this morning I made an interesting discovery in that I think my weighing scales are broken because they informed me that I was down another 3lb. Either that or it was anti-gravity pork.

The other thing was that followthebird got me the "Order of the Stick" board/card game. I propose that sometime soon (presumably not in the run up to christmas though with everything thats going on) we should have a board games evening in my place. We have the aforementioned, Robo Rally, Lord of the Rings, Frag, Munchkin, Zombies and lord knows what else lurking in the piles.

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