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Mon, Nov. 27th, 2006, 10:29 am

Get this:
Denmark has a speeding problem and they employ a novel solution - topless women holding the speed limit signs above their heads. Motorists see them, slow down, everyone is that little bit safer (for various values of safe altered by the chance that said motorists are staring at the women instead of paying heed to the road). Of course now the entire city of Copenhagen is pretty much gridlocked because motorists are stopping to gawk so *technically* speeding and accidents are down.

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about this - a "hacker" gets caught by Blizzard using all kinds of bots and speedhacks, gets his account banned for a few days for investigation. Since I found it worth posting, you can probably guess that it went downhill from there. Would that he and ALL his ilk would make good on that one.

Edit #2: Forgot about this too - the Brain song. Classy.

Mon, Nov. 27th, 2006 03:08 pm (UTC)

In essence - yeah. I get the impression from the story that initially people were slowing down in a "What the f*ck was that? Did I really just see that?" manner but once they *knew* their route to work was dotted with half naked women they started acting the bollocks. There is a video aptly displaying the level of asshole activity but it ain't worksafe for most people (the rules are fairly relaxed here so it got sent round by someone else). The gist was that people were actually getting OUT of their cars during their morning commute to take photographs or ogle a bit, leaving a tailback of dozens while they did so - and as you well know, angry motorists, frustrated by jackass behaviour aren't the safest people on the roads.

Not everyone is as delighted as the testosterone geniuses interviewed in the video neither, despite the upbeat tone of the whole thing they DID manage to work in a few people saying things along the lines of:
a) I am a woman and I am less than entertained by this.
b) I try to drive safely yet morons are swerving to see these women or are swerving in surprise if they do.
c) I bring my kids to school past these routes, I am less than a fan.

Needless to say, the women themselves are undaunted by criticism with the typical attitude that there is absolutely no need to mitigate their behaviour just because it upsets a load of people. Obviously there are no plans to introduce similar measures involving men with their micks out.

Mon, Nov. 27th, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)

c) I bring my kids to school past these routes, I am less than a fan

Hmm...I remember being in Norway a few years ago, watching some local tv channel (it was that or CNN...). They showed coverage from what appeared to be some sort of local fete or town festival or similar, at which there was a live lesbian sex show. The audience consisted of a complete cross section of the community, men, women, children, grannies etc, all watching this spectacle taking place during the daytime on a little stage at the front of a marquee as if they were watching a demonstration of cake decoration or something. Very odd. I feel the attitudes towards such things are a tad different in Scandinavia.

Mon, Nov. 27th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)

Well I'll grant you that (supposedly) they have a much more liberal attitude towards such things there but there is a difference between an event you choose to attend and having it at the side of the road. Furthermore, an adult event attracting people from every walk of life does not necessarially equate to all walks of life being okay with it - that five out of a hundred people present were grandmothers does not mean that 5% of grandmothers are cool with it any more than 70% of atendees at a gimpwear convention being men equates to 70% of men being into gimpwear.

You're probably right - different attitudes and all that, I'm being deliberately pedantic I think but I think people have limits on where they want to see certain things, a place for everything and everything in its place and all that.