The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

As evenings go, yesterday was surprisingly good in spite of the mental mood swings I was suffering - presumably as a result of recent attempts to give myself brain superpowers by manipulating my own biochemistry. I played a few games of the World of Warcraft CCG with gothwalk, bastun_ie and sean-who-has-an-lj-I-think-but-I-can't-remember-it. It is a decent game, not a great one or a remotely innovative one but solid and fun and one that other people are playing so I don't have to spend six to eight months evangelicising it like evilrobotshane and I did with Doomtown (which I maintain *was* great and innovative). I lost a game to gothwalk but I attribute that to two factors
1) I had fifty cards in my deck instead of sixty for some reason, and the ten that were missing were all ally/monster/follower cards.
2) Even allowing for the missing allies, I screwed up the balance between action cards and ally/monster/follower cards.

I fixed both problems, took on bastun_ie and won, though it was looking mighty dodgy for a few rounds. I suspect if he'd gotten better card draws it would have gone the other way. In any case, I think I'm up for a rematch with Mr G.

I had to knock off a bit early so I could stick to my exercise schedule and I did loads and loads of free weights exercises so I'm as sore as all hell pretty much everywhere today but as usual it is merely the kind of sore that makes settling down in bed infinitely more satisfying than usual - like how taking a leak is so much better if you've been bursting for half an hour.

And since I just got the text as I was about to hit post, the gym I go to has yet *another* "limited" "special" offer. 165 euro gets you a 12 month membership and a "FREE" personal program (you tell them what you want to do, they tell you what machines to do it on and for how long). They have these offers so often that this is practically their regular price but there aren't many gyms this cheap around so...

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