The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Never underestimate the (probably psychosomatic) effects of multivitamins. Since friday, where I was close to death, coming down with a flu, not sleeping and being generally lethargic and useless I've been taking multibionta (multivitamins with the power of biontics!) and I'm feeling about able to punch the sun today.
That being said, I didn't make it to gaelcon because I felt like crap between a flu and a an eye abcess threatening to form (I almost wish it had, it'd move me up the surgery list pretty quick) but then I don't particularly like large gatherings of people and especially not large gatherings of enthusiastic loud people (conventions and saturday night in the city center being two no-nos for example) even if they *are* being amazingly charitable to the tune of what? almost 30K?
Instead, I tidied my room. There are five bags of crap in total being chucked out but I can't do it yet because one of them contains one of my shoes I accidentally scooped up and dumped in. I have my card game collections to ditch as well - magic, L5R, LBS, pokemon (for some reason), shadowfist (somewhere) and god knows what else. I think I'll keep the doomtown because hope spings eternal, and startrek because I'm a nerd but the others can go hang. Now if I could only summon the effort to come up with at least a ballpark value for them. That and chuck all my D20 stuff I downloaded PDFs for ages ago and haven't cracked the spines on since then.

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