The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I'm discovering philosophers at the moment. Voltaire is good, I dig what he has to say about the relationship between man, church and God. Heidegger needed a slap and a real job. John Locke is a little more awesome than his namesake in Lost. For all of that though, I've not read anything quite as mental as the words of Erwin Schrodinger (who I was looking up to reply to a post earlier). The bloke is only known for making nuclear undead cats but some of the stuff he came out with....

"For thousands of years men have striven and suffered and begotten and woman have brought forth in pain. A hundred years ago, perhaps, another man sat on this spot; like you he gazed with awe and yearning in his heart at the dying light on the glaciers. Like you he was begotten of man and born of woman. He felt pain and brief joy as you do. Was he someone else? Was it not you yourself? What is this Self of yours? What was the necessary condition for making the thing concieved this time into you, just you and not someone else?"

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