The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Man, lamest flooding *ever*. The river went up about an inch and a half over the entire weekend. Not that I *wanted* a flooding or anything but... y'know, when the papers spend an entire slow news week hyping you up over the dangers of water you expect something more. I'm tempted to write a letter to the editor, I really am. Even worse, because I was off work and offline I missed the resignation of Mary Harney and I've been like a kid at christmas since then right up until this morning when I read that MacDowell is replacing her. On the upside, maybe the stress of being Tainiste and minister for laws will kill him. Honestly, whatever you can say about Fianna Fail people, theres something so astonishingly contemptible and disgusting about the PD leadership that I can't feel any guilt for the times when my darker imaginings take hold and I hope they suffer a really horrible fate. The PDs, bringing out the worst in you since... ah who knows?...

On friday followthebird and I met up in town for some spontaneous adventuring. We got the dart with the intention of going to Dun Laoghaire and wandering around there but we got off at booterstown, walked along the "beach" to blackrock, got another dart the rest of the way to Dun Laoghaire and wandered there. Unfortunately the dart at connley station took ages to arrive, when it DID get there even though it was empty there was the inevitable cattle crush of morons shoving to get on first and the whole way out some vapid dunce was going on and on about her poor unfortunate boyfriend and the methods she used to control him. The train from blackrock was occupied by some incredibly loud brits on the piss and the town itself seemed to be under siege from stag parties. Still, apart from the bits involving public transport the whole evening was very relaxing and to be honest I should have a thicker skin regarding public transport by now anyway. I'd do it again only on a saturday morning so we could catch the fish off the boats, go home and have a fishy lunch.

Saturday night saw gothwalk, sabayone, olethros, followthebird and I out in a pub celebrating gothwalk's birthday. I drank a quantity of booze that I can only describe as "heroic" and discovered that my precise threshold between "tipsy" and "stinking, off my ass drunk" exists at three pints of bulmers, half a bottle of dark rum, four shots of JD and a double of scotch. Somehow I lived and was fine by noon on sunday (after I puked up everything I've eaten since 1986, lost half a stone and followthebird's timely application of some Andrews Liver Salts). Then I played my special single player WoW character who is not in a guild, has left all the chat channels and ignores all tells except from one or two people. Heavenly.

As far as the gym, health, weightloss thing goes, I'm still going three times a week, walking there and back and exercising for about forty minutes making for a roughly 70 minute session and while the weight isn't really coming off I'm obviously losing it in favour of more muscle mass - not that I have any desire to look like a condom full of walnuts so I'm being careful with the amount of mass since the whole point of the exercise was simply to be... smaller and healthier. I bought a vegetable steamer too, they're awesome, I just chop up the food, dump it in the steamer thing, turn on the timer and fart around until I hear a bing.

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