The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The world is a little less fun without Steve Irwin in it.

So, by way of injecting some funny into the day:

I don't like mentioning Paris Hilton, I think every time someone does so an angel loses it's wings. I even managed to avoid commenting about how the posters promoting her new single made me wonder when "sexy pose" started meaning "cold, dead, glassy eyes of an airbrushed corpse holding it's crotch" but when some bloke sneaks 500 copies of his version of her "album" into Virgin and HMV stores around britain it becomes worthy of at least a quick mention. The pictures are here. Of course, with a human as awful as her there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Can you tell the difference between something that is a bomb and something that is not? Could you be in the exciting field of airport security? Could you force people to put everyday valuables into their suitcases so they can be "lost" from the sock they were wrapped in and then placed in a zipped pocket in the bottom of the suitcase? Would you let a bloke through security even though he had a buzzing sex toy down his pants?

It seems our flood emergency might not be so bad, the council cleared all the drains along the street on sunday morning at seven in the FREAKING A.M.. Leaving aside that the problem is not caused by blocked drains so much as a drainage system that is insufficient for the needs of the area and that clearing the street does little if the blockage exists further down theres some comfort to be had in the knowledge that they're at least making the effort. Still... seven am on a sunday morning.

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