The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

cartographer alerted me to a spider in the kitchen last night. After some screaming and leaping around the place like a little girl (that was me - she was in the corner looking green) I managed to persuade it that it wanted to be in a pint glass while I took some pictures because it isn't every day you see a
It sat quite happily on the bottom of the pint glass, a perfect fit - meaning it had a leg span of what? two, two and a half inches?

He seems less than pleased at this point, he wanted out.

Soon after he engaged me in a staring contest and won.

Lets get closer to the hairy, evil fucker.

Nuff said.

Edit #1: Mr Wombat puts 1 + 1 together. cartographer arrives home from morocco or some hot bloody place yesterday night. Spider appears in house yesterday night. mr_wombat chucks the thing into the garden.
cartographer Dude... I think maybe we threw some kind of moroccan elephant eating spider out into an ecosystem entirely new and different to the one it belongs in.
Crap like this is why I prefer living in a cold country where you don't get big venomous bastards on a regular basis.

Edit #2: Some research into it would seem to indicate that it is in fact a regular, legitimate western european breed called simply the giant house spider OR another regular breed called the Hobo spider. The giant house spider is actually a good kind of spider in that it tends to keep the hobo spider (an asshole breed of spider) out of a house it is living in and keeps the general spider population quite low. The other side is of course that it hogs the shower in the morning and always uses the last of the milk.

Edit #3: Wow... the wolf spider (venomous but not fatal) also falls into the category of "Spiders that look astonishingly like this one. They're not aggressive though and this one tried to take my eyes so I'll stick with the giant house spider as the most likely culprit. At least until I find Monsieur Hedgehog's dried out husk of a corpse sitting in a giant web under cartographer's bedroom window.
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