The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

It makes me laugh when people tell kids that school days are the best days of their lives. I'm never going to tell my (hypothetical) kid that. I'll be honest, I'll tell it that the best days of my life are the ones where you're earning your own money to do whatever the hell you want, drink, smoke, play video games and watch movies. School is bloody abysmal, every day you're ferried from gobshite to hitler to nice-but-innefectual and finally to the couple of good teachers in the place. You're given four or five hours worth of work to do in the evening on top of what you've already done during the day, you get fewer breaks than when you're working and on top of all that you have the state exams to look forward where you're told that your entire future hinges on this one worthless exam but isn't really unless you want to be a doctor (where naturally your ability to memorise mathematical theorems will be essential). You can't do anything fun without getting in massive amounts of trouble even though those particular fun things will be what you want most in the entire world. You can't afford a damned thing unless you have foolish parents or a job on top of the school week and hours of homework - which involves you carting around the best part of ten kilos of books with you all the time in a bag designed primarially as some sort of shoulder garotte.

Yeah, fuck being young again.

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