The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

wascally wabbits

Amazing, in the space of time between hearing the crash of escaping rabbits and getting downstairs to realise they had escaped Foe managed to chew through the following:
The phoneline connecting my modem to the socket (in two places, at either end ensuring it's non salvagability)
The power cable for the network hub (not switched on)
The power cable for my mobile phone recharger (switched on, evidently bunnies have insulating qualities) - this is the second one they've ruined.
The connecting wire for my graphics tablet (in two places naturally)

I'm sure there was something else too... damnit.

Naturally all the easily replaced network cables are fine and dandy but what really puzzles me is that when I came over to get foe out from behind the computers, he stayed firmly put, as if he WANTED to do as much damage as possible before being moved. Normally he'd flee when I got too close and he was being naughty (he knows he's not allowed in that part of the house) and for that matter, whenever he escaped in the past he went for the back of the TV (though I was always nearby to stop him)

Last time they did this it was some PS2 cables which was annoying enough. Oh and to add injury to insult, they tore my left forearm up pretty badly putting them back in the cage. I was pissed (and I mean "you're for lunch" pissed) but it's only stuff, stuff I rarely use at that, I can replace the hub adaptor easily, the modem cable is cheap enough, I have a spare tablet knocking around that I can try using and I can possibly fix the recharger with a trip to the hardware store (come to think of it, that might work for the others too - except for the modem line). They're just animals, so being angry will only scare and confuse them. Thankfully I managed not to scream at them like I wanted to. I guess I'll just spend some time and cash further bunnyproofing the place over the next week or two and try and make damned sure they can't get out again - folks, NEVER buy anything from wacker's pet store, the guy is a fucking conman and with the seeming exception of our two rabbits who we obviously bought when they weren't long in the store since they still had bright eyes and bushy tails, he sells an outrageous amount of crap, I have to tape down the roof of the thing attached to the cage because they can so easily pop it open. Even with the tape they managed it this morning, so the next step is something metalwire-ish to secure it.

I am going for a smoke to get my zen on....

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