The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

More 3D stuff

This is the third attempt, there will be a fourth unfortunately since I didn't put in the ejection port when I had the chance and redoing it from scratch would be quicker than fixing it I think. There are also supposed to be some ridges at the back of the slide.

Incidentally, for sshi's benefit, this is done in Wings3d. That open source 3D modelling tool I was drunkenly rambling on about last month. Like I said, it doesn't do Boolean operations (the act of intersecting two shapes and cutting one out of the other for those of you who don't know) but from what I'm seeing lately, Boolean is considered to not only be lazy but also a quick path towards making models that are utterly worthless for any kind of professional use. So doing it all the hard way is a good way to learn good practice and how to avoid impossible geometry.

It looks like Blizzard have gone down the path I hoped/figured they would with the expansion, while the information in those links may be a significant quantity of bullshit designed to get people to buy the expansion before discovering the lies it would seem that they're pretty much doing away with the raid-centric focus of the game and concentrating more in content for smaller groups. The new raids being 25 man probably won't do much for the generally available number of epics and pieces of decent gear (all they have to do is have the bosses drop roughly 40% less loot compared to current 40 man) the large raid groups won't be the only way to see all the good stuff. This isn't "epics for all" this is "making it so you don't have to spend weeks of your life to see the good stuff". The raiders do seem to be getting a bit pissy about this but like I said before, it makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever to restrict content (not gear, content) and the sense of achievement that comes with beating bosses to those people who have twenty hours a week to devote to raiding and grinding. Even for the raid groups this shouldn't change anything, the dungeons aren't going to get any easier - smaller dungeons are generally harder but the rewards should be more on parity. At least now 2% of the players don't get to tell the other 90% how it "should" be (the other 8% are the raiders who aren't aggressive dickwads who react to complaints about the content debate with "lern2play" or some similar asshole comment implying that non raiders are greedy leeches)
Anyway, I figured there'd be a major shift in content focus and sure enough, right again. I *really* have to make that "I was right Dance" icon. I rock.

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