The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Re: The whole "you can't bring stuff on planes to the UK" thing.

Do I have this right - the security forces FOILED a plot to blow up a plane, proving that existing secutity measures are at least acceptable. This therefore means that airport authorities feel the need to severely curtail what you can bring on the flight?

This list includes
Prescription medicines, not in liquid form unless can be verified as authentic - what the hell does that mean? you need to bring a chemical batch analysis machine?
Essential medical items such as diabetic kit - containing a needle
Glasses and sunglasses, no cases - I knew a nutter once who made his glasses so they could be used as a weapon, you'd pull off the plastic earpiece covering and underneath he'd made a shiv. Bit of an oddity that guy.
Baby food and milk for those with infants - contents of each bottle must be tasted by accompanying passenger - Good luck with volunteers there if you're not with someone. Furthermore, how does having an accomplice... taste your chemical catalyst make it any less of a catalyst?
Keys, but no electric key fobs - Your determined psycho can make a weapon out of anything, even keys. Theres a reason they're used in self defence classes - you can absolutely maul a person with them.

Now, it may seem as if I'm being picky and looking at mad obscure ways some of those items could be used but the point is simply this - a sophisticated criminal could easily use any of these to hijack a plane. A completely inept criminal could fashion a pretty lethal blade from a coke can sold on the plane. None of these restrictions make anyone any safer. This is nothing more than yet another attempt to keep everyone afraid and angry. Please note that these measures do nothing to improve on the chances of detecting ceramic /polymer composite blades hidden in shoes or belts or under wigs or garottes anywhere around the body.

Never mind what they're allowing - they're banning things like laptops and other gizmos. What? are the terrists going to HaX0r the plane? Use the laptop as some kind of super advanced cudgel? Allah Allah MAcbar? And books! What the hell?

Female sanitary items, unboxed - someone explain to me how having them boxed makes them more dangerous? Does the box prevent the X-ray machine from seeing the explosives inside? How does forcing passengers to keep the damned things in their pockets (no hand luggage remember)where the packaging can be pierced thus rendering them unsuitable for sticking where the sun does not shine make anyone safer? Imagine a lady's surprise when she goes to the toilet to do the essentials and discovers that OH NO! someone has replaced her tampons with a live hand grenade.
Everyone duck! She's got tampons in a box!

Tissues, unboxed, or handkerchiefs Whoever came up with this list had a strange childhood I bet. I can't think of any other reason for this box terror.

Ridiculous, once more some pathetic little fool has a chance to show some common sense and instead acts like someone slipped him an ounce of speed and shot him in the head. Thing is, this will end eventually and it'll all go back to normal (or so the news would have us believe) so if the measures won't be necessary in a fortnight (I guess) why are they necessary now? If someone could sneak a bomb on board in a box of tampons then you can be damned sure they'll be just as able to sneak it abord in their colon. I mean if you're going to blow yourself up, whats a little anal virginity between you and your God?

Y'know, now I think about it some more, if I was on a long flight stuck (as I invariably seem to be) right in front of a surly child who in this instance has been denied the use of his gameboy or whatever toys are typically used to keep a kid quiet during a long flight and I in turn were denied the use of the various devices I use to keep the noise of surly children out then I'd be giving some serious thought to getting obnoxiously drunk.
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