The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Healthy Living Day 2.
Yesterday was an improvement, there was still some farting but I suspect this is going to become an inevitable part of my life if I am to stick with a diet containing so much fiber... fibre... (checking internet... right - Fibre if you're european, Fiber if you're american).
I had the weetabix and bananas thing for breakfast, fruit and an flapjack thing for lunch and dinner involved two hamburgers which doesn't sound healthy but they were the good, lean, meaty ones, grilled and served with a hefty dose of lettucey, carroty, cucumber...ey salad. Loads of situps were done and I also lifted heavy weights and put them down thirty of forty times. Seven cigarettes were smoked in total, I think that might be my new upper limit for smoking.

Tomorrow I will be sorely tempted to write about the amount of poo produced in the past 24 hours but I'll try not to.

Anyway, things I like today are:
The story of the crazy mole man who has dug tunnels all over his neighbourhood. He denies it all and claims he has a huge wine cellar but recent collapses around the area say otherwise.

Tiny animals on fingers. A photoset of little creatures, including a monkey, that fit on the finger. Monkey...

From the bloke that brought you the Monster Island/Nation/Planet serialised zombie novels and the Vampire story Thirteen Bullets comes a new tale called Frostbite, about werewolves it seems. I didn't like Thirteen Bullets so much but I think thats because Zombies are way cooler than Vampires. Anyway, if you haven't read his stuff before you should do so because this is one of the best things on the internet.

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