The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Better living through.... ???

I'm trying some new things this week.
For breakfast I've switched from a scone heaped with butter and jam to Weetabix and a banana.

I'm seriously cutting down on the smoking - one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon then two at home, maybe three... maybe eighteen, yesterday didn't go QUITE according to plan.

Lunch consists of four portions of fruit

Dinner yesterday was a BLT due to circumstances beyond my control but tonight it will be fresh meat and veg.

I'm not becoming some tedious health freak here, this is mostly for science, I want to see if those health nuts are full of crap or does eating this stuff actually make you feel better than bacon and big macs and heavily processed chemicals. I suspect I'm going to be an absolute goddamned ogre while the changes in my biochemistry happen. I further suspect that I'm going to poo a lot in the near future. Or stop entirely, one or the other.

So the Tuesday log is:
Weetabix and banana for breakfast - crippling indigestion, eventually relieved by remegel and punching myself in the arm. Apples for lunch, curse Spar's crappy selection of fruit. BLT for dinner and some soup/bread for tea.
Smoked way too much. Couldn't sleep, watched Elektra, fell asleep during the thrilling climax, found myself unable to care. Generally unable to concentrate very well - not at my sharpest. Farted pretty much constantly all day. Did not magically lose weight through good intentions.

More tomorrow!
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