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Thu, Aug. 3rd, 2006, 10:14 am
Hoo boy...

From http://www.civilrights.org

"A draft Bush administration plan for special military courts seeks to expand the reach and authority of such "commissions" to include trials, for the first time, of people who are not members of al-Qaeda or the Taliban and are not directly involved in acts of international terrorism, according to officials familiar with the proposal.

The plan, which would replace a military trial system ruled illegal by the Supreme Court in June, would also allow the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to those under the military court's jurisdiction. The two provisions would be likely to put more individuals than previously expected before military juries, officials and independent experts said.

The draft proposed legislation, set to be discussed at two Senate hearings today, is controversial inside and outside the administration because defendants would be denied many protections guaranteed by the civilian and traditional military criminal justice systems."

Wow... I mean... WOW. They want to be able to arrest and hold secret trials for anyone at all for whatever they decide is a crime... holy crap...

Thu, Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:09 am (UTC)

It seems the Nazis did actually win WWII... it's just taken a while for them to demonstrate it...

Thu, Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:19 am (UTC)

Theres always the temptation to overreact and start screaming that the sky is falling when the administration squeezes one of these proposals out there and I have yet to read the full version of it but this one is genuinely horrible. I mean good GOD - giving yourself the power to decide someone is being troublesome and then make them disappear?

From americablog.blogspot.com - again, original sources somewhat lacking (emphasis added by me):

"Aiding hostile acts? Who would that be? Well, according to the White House's own words over the past 5 years, every one of us who speaks out against the war, every newspaper who publishes articles about Bush's violating the law in his over-execution of the war on terror, is "aiding" the enemy. Remember, these are the White House's own words, folks. And now they want legislation that says that those of who "aid" the enemy can be basically tried in abstentia and never heard from again."

So those rare journalists who were actually competent and brave enough to do their jobs and report on guantanamo, torture flights and all the rest will be first against the wall.

Thu, Aug. 3rd, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)

So what do we do? "Vote"? Great. It'll be 2008 before that happens again, and, well, I'm feeling just a weeeee bit under-represented during elections, anyways. Why is it that the president was an alcoholic fucking cokehead, yet a political career is impossible for me cause i smoked some pot in high school? Cause daddy didn't pay for me to go to harvard? Greeeeat.

These "people"[sic] are at a total disconnect from the thoughts, feelings, and lives of the american people. Everything will become criminal. You will obey. You will consume corn-and-petroleum-based products, you will purchase what we say, you will watch what we say you will watch, you will "vote" for us, and you will obey. Your vote is ineffectual - we will win anyways. It is merely a loyalty indicator. Those who vote against us disobey, and will be ended.

have you been following the news about the "signing statements" lately, as well? I've got the American Bar Association 34 page report on Bush's fundamentally unconstitutional use of signing statements to give himself line-item veto powers on everything that crosses his desk, something that is contrary to the foundation of the office (it's all or nothing - either he signs a law into existence, or he sends it back to congress for revision).

(if you want a copy of the report in PDF, comment back with a contact point and I can post it in my journal, or email it, or whatever)