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filled with a mighty rage

Sometimes, when I think about it, I find it odd how I deal with my more extreme violent urges. I'm a pacifist by nature and I'm not actually capable of striking someone except in self defence (and I don't mean "I couldn't possibly do that", non violence is so ingrained on who I am that I cannot actually physically make the move to strike - I don't have to hold myself back since it's never going to happen, get my drift?) so while some people I know are happy with a bad mood and a few moments of fuming, I can delve deeply into a dream world of violent sword-y retribution against the staff of donnybrook fair for at least twenty minutes for leaving chicken on the shelves past the sell by date.
Satisfying, but worrying.

In a moment or two I shall be going offline for the purposes of letting the rabbits loose around the back yard while thinking about this week's game of Mage and perhaps a little brainpower will be devoted to the whole high steampunk game thing. Then it's a little BG2 so I can eventually claim to have finished it. Read a little bit of the stronghold builder's guide, probably some vampire: the masquerade stuff, ghouls most likely and then to bed at my usual the-rabbit-isn't-here-so-I-can't-sleep 2:30 AM.

I say again, sleep is a freaking waste of time.

I'm out in the datacenter again tomorrow having been in the office for a day or two now (more than long enough to remind me why I hate working there) hopefully for the last time (the office being the lesser of two evils when faced with tosspottery and boredom - I do not deal well with having nothing to do). I'll be at inannajones and gothwalk's bbq this weekend, probably wearing my traditional midsummer loud shirt and being amusingly drunk again.

And as for this bloody heat...

Ooh! I have icecream and cola, time for a float.

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