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Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006, 12:09 pm

The Wombat five point - four year plan
(it was originally a five year plan but I'm a year into it now)

1) Become good enough at 3D modelling and texturing that I can use it to supplement my income in some fashion - probably through selling Poser props on renderosity.com since it involves small amounts of cash from large numbers of people, thus negating any problems involved in a downward trend in hobby spending (people will buy 10 $5 items a lot quicker than they'll buy one $50 one). This is going quite well and I think I'm on my way towards my first retail items (M79 grenade launcher), this will become easier with time as I improve the process and learn more about doing it right and build up an archive of reference materials. I like reference materials, if anyone is stuck for birthday present ideas (*cough* 31st *cough*) then a big book of large pictures of pistols, revolvers, grenades, swords, knives and other things used to hurt people that are more typically found in the libraries of militant psychos is a good place to begin. My optimism regarding this plan is tempered by the knowledge that I'll get $5 out of it and the only person who buys it will put the thing on a fileshare network.

2) Become debt free - not going *quite* as well as the 3D bit but I'm confident this one is guaranteed.

3) Finish Unholy Wars - I've dropped this one, the thing (as previously mentioned) is cursed that every time it nears completion the hard drive it is on crashes, gets accidentally formatted, is physically destroyed or gets stolen or alternatively some horrible misfortune happens that prevents me from working on it for a couple of months. I've had nothing but bad fortune every time it comes up. Screw it. I've replaced this with "Do the comic" - This one is going reasonably well, I'm almost finished the outline, I'm taking it slowly because this part of the plan is the ongoing entirely fun section that I'm doing for enjoyment rather than anyone's benefit.

4) Save some goddamned money - God.. I wish... might be doable if #1 becomes a reality.

5) Lose another three ish stone. This one is shorter term, probably the next two years. I'm at the upper end of my "proper" weight, possibly a little over it and the lazy narcicist in me who doesn't have a high regard for clothes in this weather isn't happy about it.
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Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 01:07 pm (UTC)

Odd, any advice I've heard was exactly the opposite - that you should save something like 5% of whatever it is you're paying towards debts in a given month. Still, it may well be academic given my spending patterns :)

I'll definitely take a look at that book when I get the chance, all I really need to do is take the choice pictures, scan them in, trace them, scan the traced images and then use the traced images as reference for the models and the scans for texturing guides.