The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

This whole comic thing is pulling together quite well. The colouring/shading thing looks pretty good - not quite comic, not quite 3D and somehow more satisfying than going with photorealism which I've never liked in conjunction with traditional cartoon word balloons.


Characters: Ehh.... I have maybe... half the characters worked out in the vaguest sense. Obviously I've thought about our hero the most but I don't want it to be about any one character.

Character models: Check - I have a few made and they're getting easier. You've seen Wendy already. The rest, including Dr Brennan are in progress while I get their faces right - so right now they're butt naked while I alter the width of their mouths and the curve of their noses and tone of their skin and whatnot. Clothing being somewhat iconic in comics I want to get that right too and give them something appropriate to their personality - which means Wendy is in for a slight style change (but those clothes were there mainly to demonstrate technique without having nipples all over the place).

Backgrounds: Check - what I can't draw I can model in 3D. Truth be told, the modelling is probably easier for me and 3D is a lot more recyclable than a sketch. Those months spent making random bits in Wings3D have not been a waste after all.

Word/thought balloons and/or effects: Check - Outlined white elipses with pointy bits coming out of them easy to get right at the worst of times.

Plot: I know the main thrust but the details still elude me.

I think whats happening here is that I've (deliberately or otherwise) been waiting to see if I can get it to look how I want it to look before I got too excited about the plot and now I'm discovering that its as much work again to get started on that. Bum...

I have a strong suspicion that I need a (co)writer for this thing anyway. Particularly if I want to do more than a page a month - I'm my own worst critic and I know full well I'll spend ages revising and tweaking every sodding line a hundred times before I ever put model to renderer.

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