The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Ì never thought it possible but...

Last night I had the TV on in the background while burning some CDs of stuff for myself and I heard someone say "nudist camp" on whatever was on the TV at the time. I ignored it for at least 20 minutes since I remembered it was that "going to california" thing that's on late at night (and figured that any nudity was going to be obscured - austin powers style) but not long later I heard some wierd chanting and my curiosity was piqued, were the lead characters about to be sacrificed to nude gods?
No, but the screen was awash with athletic naked people, there were also some fat ugly naked people and I got the impression that the episode surrounded some lame conflict between pretty naked people and ugly naked people (some of the boobies in that camp were scary and unsettling.
So anyway, I watched this for five minutes (distracted as I was by rabbits attempting to eat my hair or the sofa) and it was enough to bore me with boobies. Yes! bored with boobies, there was a continual supply of boobies on the TV and I chose to go back to watching a progress bar fill on the CD burning after five minutes of it. At one point the boobies were attached to people doing jumping jacks. Large athletic boobies on people doing jumping jacks... and I was bored...

Thanks RTE, now you've ruined boobies for me too.
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