The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Big screaming ouch

Got out of the cab this morning at DEG (I managed to get one despite the strike) and pulled a muscle in my left shoulder at the back. Couldn't scream and I couldn't cry obviously (white, protestant, irish - never going to happen) so I made that "MmmmMMMMMMNnnngggghhhhhjesusargh" noise when the WHITE HOT FIRES OF HELL lanced up my arm and across my shoulder then through my left lung. Then I ate some tramil. God bless tramil, those little blue and yellow nuggets of pain relief. I'm not too bad now, the muscles are still tense and I'm worried that I'll hurt myself more when I can't feel it so acutely so I'm going to avoid anything like movement in that area.

In other news, metalrabbit is back in town and within hours of her return the two bunnies, who have not been happy for a day or two, were playing, frolicing and generally been back to their old selves in short order. Truly she is some sort of bunny empath. Either that or she slipped them a dose of whatever it was they were suffering withdrawl from.

I am also eating a lot of M&Ms these days, three packets yesterday and two so far today (though no more) It's a bit worrying.

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