The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
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Mr Wombat reviews

Billed as D&D's! First! Real! Time! Strategy! Game!!. The only thing remarkable about this thing is that it took so many people to produce something that could charitably be called sub-par. I'm feeling charitable.

Choose between two races! Fight until the level is over! Win by having more guys than the enemy!
Christ... hours of my life gone so I could watch a five second end sequence featuring annoying dialogue from awful voice actors and a shit joke from He-Man.
Three lead characters you send to their deaths for fun out of ten lead characters you send to their deaths for fun

Warhammer 40K: Winter Assault.
The sequel to the original Warhammer RTS. This one features some new unit types and requires twice the RAM to run for pretty much no good reason. The ending is more interesting than DragonShard and it is helped along by the last level being genuinely challenging and fun.
six Dakka out of ten Dakka

A first person shooter with the relatively unique feature of having intelligent enemies who react intelligently to each encounter with you. The last time I had fights this tough was in F.E.A.R and while this predates it, this is significantly harder, the enemies are a damned sight smarter and the noise of gunfire goes a lot lot further, so theres something to be said for sneaking up and delivering a clip of silenced firepower into the enemy's head. I'm still not quite used to how smart it is though so it can be quite frustrating when you think you've cleared out a building only to discover that one of the blokes you thought you'd killed was only injured and had in fact legged it, got his friends and then come up behind you to shoot you in the spine. Its out on budget now, definitely one of the best FPS out there.
Eight impromptu kidney removals via shotgun blast out of ten impromptu kidney removals via shotgun blast

Finally, prompted by gothwalk's mention of Bebo and his school I logged into my account and looked up my old one. I tell ya, that place is long overdue a flamethrowering.

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