The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Today was a great day for editorial juxtaposition. On page one of the Metro we have the headline "predators to exploit change in sex laws" (which I'll get back to) and beside it a picture of Fr Ted and Fr Dougal as an aside about how the island featured in the opening credits is now suffering a population boom.
Then there was an article about a cloned mule coming face to face with the original. The original is standing there, all muley and noble. The clone faces him while wearing a blinkers and harness that... well they look like a gimp mask and his tongue is hanging out the side of his mouth and he's drooling. I'm sure the clone is fine but... well it is not a picture that speaks well of the outcome of the process to me. Had me giggling though.

For those of you in the know, the supreme court yesterday said something to the effect of "When a fella has sex with an underaged girl it isn't necessarially statutory rape". Meaning those times when the girl looks eighteen, acts eighteen, sounds eighteen and has ID saying she's eighteen but - oh dear - turns out to be fourteen. I'm sure it happens from time to time. Unfortunately the perception is that now a forty year old can have sex with a kid and get away with it if he can convince them that he thought she was above the age of consent (15) at the time.

Maybe I'm mad but... the ruling was made in the context of a 17 year old who was charged with statutory rape of a girl who was under 15 at the time but claimed to be 16 - two kids being idiots and certainly the bloke deserves a slap with the cop-on trout but what the press would have me believe as of this morning is that right now there are ferryloads of perverts waiting in international waters to come into ireland in their droves. Did I miss something?

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