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So... further to my last post - I got home to find that the *other* bin, (we have two, only one is registered) the one that isn't registered, the one that contained our asshole hippy neighbour's garbage, the one that I couldn't open without wanting to be sick - was emptied. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and bathed me in warm golden sunshine and the birds burst into song in a fit of unparalleled and unjustified melodrama. I mean *seriously* who else has birds burst into song and beams of golden sunshine all around him when he discovers a niggling irritation has been resolved?

Of course, to balance things out I walloped my right knee with my keychain and then walloped the left one on my desk when I sat down to type this so when I stand up I fully expect to find I've broken them both. Still, for now I'm back on top of the world, listening to Mr Andrew WK and setting myself up for an early night to get over this coldy... achey.. thing.

PS gothwalk, I should be getting the first two episodes of series two of Lost tomorrow, you'd have had them ages ago only ... well, you know I can't manage the simplest tasks without annoyances and drama.

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