The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Honest to Christ, theres no end to this Bin charges nonsense. They've stopped collecting our bins *again* over non payment, despite the way it was all ... well.. *paid* a month or two back and now they're claiming we owe them for 2004 even .... sod it.

Edit: The gist of the "conversation" was:

Me: Hello, you are not collecting my bins. Why is this?
Them: Okay, Mr Thomas Doyle.. you have not paid your charges since 2004.
Me: I have no idea who Thomas Doyle is, it should be under either "Myname" or "Landlord'sName".
Them: We have no record of either of those, that bin is not registered and you owe us charges dating back to 2004.
Me: Those charges were paid a couple of months back.
Them: That was for 2005, you owe us for 2004.
Me: I.... *gak*... But the bins were being collected up until last week, how do you explain that?
Them: You owe us for 2004.
Me: But... It was all paid in full, then you collected the bins again, then you stopped.
Them: you owe us for 2004.
Me: But we PAID that, two hundred quid or something?!
Them: That was for 2005, you owe us for 2004.
Me: Die in a fire.

Keep an eye out for me on the news tonight. "Man goes ballistic in corporation waste management offices" should be the headline.
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