The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Damnit, I thought it was a bit too much to hope that Nemi (a comic strip in Metro AM) was home grown. Oh well.

Speaking of comics, in the tradition of Marvel and DC I have decided that I too shall have summer projects that are almost certainly lame, incomprehensible, end badly and possibly require that I eventually rewrite significant portions of my own history to make them seem like a good idea or deny they ever happened. It happened last year with my "Finish Unholy Wars" project but I didn't realise it was a summer project when it happened and since that ended with a catastrophic hard drive failure that wiped out the whole thing (Or I formatted it by accident or some damned thing, I can't be arsed going back through the journal archive to find out) I have decided that that particular project is cursed - cursed as all hell, so I'm going to do something else this year. I'm loathe to even use the UW material I've built up over the years so this is an entirely different enterprise.

More info as I bother with it.

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