The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Last night I spent two and a half hours crafting a 3D model of Dexter Fletcher's face using the Michael 3.0 figure from By the time I was done it was pretty good, pretty uncanny I thought actually. Then I put a texture on it so it was no longer a uniform pale pink and it looked nothing like Dexter Fletcher whatsoever. A little strange really.
It was still an interesting face but... y'know... sometimes you want Dexter Fletcher's face.

Those of you in london, if you fail to see this I will be horrified by your evil. And speaking of evil, today is the twenty fifth anniversary of Bobby Sands death. For those of you without a passing familiarity with the stupid shit going on in ireland for the past thousand years or so, Sands was a lovely wee fellah who joined the IRA and then got caught a week later and sent to jail for four years. Then he got out and went straight back in again for possession of a handgun. Then he went on hunger strike in protest of how the british government was not recognising the IRA prisoners as "prisoners of war" and died two months later aged 27. Unfortunately, Darwin Awards did not exist back then as they do now, so rather than submitting him for one of them, fans of murderous retards throughout the country decided to elevate him to a saintly level. My only regret is that a) I was too young at the time to truly relish what had happened and b) not enough of them did it. The best bit though is the "prisoners of war" bit, it still brings a smile to my face that some guy caused himself a slow and painful death in the name of semantics.

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