The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I've had a long day, I can tell this because as I channel hopped while testing some interactive TV stuff (which sounds more exciting than it is, but still denies me any real justification for complaint since it is streets ahead of the last job) it occured to me that the decline of morals in today's youth can be directly linked to the quality of children's TV presenters and sidekicks.
Back in my day we had Gordon the Gopher with Philip Schofield, Zig and Zag with Ian Dempsey and Ray D'arcy, Podge and so on. Today we have some kind of glove with wool and buggley eyes on CBBC and a condascending spikey blonde moron. Last I saw of DenTV it was some talentless moon faced tool and Socky the Sock Monster - a creature that even looks like it was designed by committee and Dustin the Turkey, who may well be a cultural icon but I never warmed to him, I always felt he was a massive unpleasant stereotype with a hand up his ass.
Am I imagining this? or is the fact that Gordon the Gopher, Philip Schofield, Zig, Zag, Ray D'arcy and Ian Dempsey all went on to major mainstream success beyond their kids' TV origins (with the sort-of exception of Gordon the Gopher whos lack of vocal ability was always going to be a drawback for striking out on his own) mere coincidence? Kids TV presenters seem almost disposable today, I'm sure that sends some kind of message about... something... like... or not.. I got distracted by the awful ads for Fruitroulete or something on the station I was working on.

Anyway, a real ninja.

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