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Mon, Apr. 10th, 2006, 02:17 pm

Now, not that I give two stuffs about hollywood, famous people or their parties but I find it interesting to see how divorced from reality the news, publicity machine and reality are.

News report: Sienna Miller allegedly acts the bollocks at a hollywood Vanity Fair party thing.

Her publicist says: "They have just wrapped a film together and they were just sitting next to each other at a party. Nothing more than that."

The internet, once queried with "Who the hell is Sienna Miller and why should I care?" revealed nothing, "Sienna Miller vanity fair" revealed links (that I sure wasn't going to click on) claiming to hold the video of that same party where she acts the naked bollocks. So to speak.

I just have to wonder WHY they feel the need to pretend like she didn't do what a lot of people do? Get drunk and make a fool of herself, it isn't a crime, she didn't beat the hell out of someone or snort coke in front of a camera or wrap her car around a postbox full of kittens. If getting drunk and accidentally exposing yourself is wrong then I don't want to be right.

On the topic of being divorced from reality, the traditional image of christ's crucifiction may not be entirely accurate - the romans were quite inventive with the positions taken on crucifiction and if the folks in charge REALLY hated you it was quite possible you'd be nailed to the cross upside down by the nuts. Of course, this fascinating research does nothing but tell people what they already knew - that sometimes what we accept as the traditional image is not 100% historically accurate. I expect that next week we're going to see some fascinating, insightful research into how Leprechauns may actually not exist.

The third and final thing I spotted this morning that I liked was a new form of anti spam authentication for websites. Y'know how usually when you want to download something you have to sign up to their pointless website that you'll never ever visit again? And usually during these signups you have to type in text as seen in an image on the page, crooked writing, utterly illegible colour scheme along the lines of "lI10O"? Well with the new technology available you have to click on the three pictures of kittens from a selection of rabbits and other cute animals.

I spent quite a bit of the weekend playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is frigging beautiful, a joy to play. It has a massive, epic play area, you could wander it for hours finding dungeons and interesting locations. The class options available are incredible, there are hundreds, if not thousands of quests. If you're not playing it, you should be. I predict this one will be the game of 2006 and unlike the useless hack journalists I make this claim knowing that it is one of the most glaringly obvious statement ever rather than an example of my keen insight into the market and minds of today's game buyers.
I played World of Warcraft some more too and I visited some new dungeons which was a lot of fun and after the unpleasant debacle that was last week's big dungeon raid this was a pleasant, quick and profitable exercise (not intended as a reflection on anyone involved in either, just that the weekend run was an easier dungeon, fewer people, more managable and lacking in people disconnecting at random apart from mytholder whose connection abandoned him at the precise moment the leader called the charge against the final big boss of the dungeon and then spent the fight with his character running against a pillar while the monster ate us all. And then ate him. Then he reconnected and we took it apart with ease.