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Wed, Mar. 8th, 2006, 02:30 pm

I'm not certain which of these I've posted before and which stories I've told before but.. well screw it, its not like you're forced to look.

This is a castle in the middle of a lake. Its inaccessible except by boat or alleged secret passageway that starts lord knows where out in the fields behind where I was standing at the time. There are a lot of stories about the place, like how it was wrecked by cannon fire during one of many rebellions in the area (cabbages, pigs and rebellions were Cavan's major produce) but the main one is how it was for a while the prison of the first person to translate the bible into Irish so the mere commoner could read it, one Bishop Bedell, a protestant bishop who had an unequalled passion for the Irish language. More on him here. I've been out to the island once or twice. Its very impressive.

Theres some debate about the spelling of ouchtar/oughtar and as to whether the place is supposed to be called Loch or Cloich (the two are pronounced much the same, the C is almost silent) because the Castle sits on a massive rock that sticks out of the lake (its not an island in the sense that anything other than scrub and weeds can cling to existence there)

This is our old tractor. It is a Massey Ferguson. I used to get the crap knocked out of me by the school bully because his Dad had a Ford, and fords were obviously better. His dad ran away eventually and his mum took up with his alcoholic paternal uncle so in a sense I had the last laugh. I think he might be dead now, I don't care enough to find out.

Over the weekend followthebird bought a metric assload of bubbles so we made a glorious mess of the back yard. I coughed a lot.

Edited: Somehow my previous entry found its way onto the end of this one.