The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

State of the Wombat

Exercise last night could have gone better. I got about as far as UCD before realising that I wasn't physically capable of walking there AND getting exercise just yet. It'll happen but not for a while, its kind of alarming how quickly my condition has deteriorated from six months ago when I could jog that distance easily enough. My efforts to quit smoking entirely aren't doing too bad though, I'm down to about seven a day and thats decreasing all the time. I figure, as followthebird said, if one a day is good enough for Johnny Depp, its damned well good enough for me.

This evening I will spend another eighty quid on doctors and medicine in my ongoing effort to avoid septic eyeball death. I will also NOT think about the amount of cash I've spent on this over the last couple of years because that would be depressing - is there some scheme to refund the ridiculous amounts of cash I've spent on doctors? (not medicine, I never seem to go above that limit).

Following my efforts at 3D modelling over the weekend I'm feeling pretty confident, I might try a bigger project now, something a little less geometric..ey. Or I might stick with that model and try applying a skin to it that isn't uniformly beaten metal.

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