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Mon, Mar. 6th, 2006, 05:09 pm
Well, thats that.

Its been a good run but in order to avoid becoming one type of person I hate (asthmatic/smoking, overweight/unhealthy eater, half blind/obsessive computer gamer) I'm going to have to become a slightly better kind of person I hate (non smoker, healthy eater, balanced hobbyist). God damnit, I can't have even ONE fucking vice any more.

Back to the doc tomorrow to get my OTHER eye seen to now, get a renewal on my bloody dilator inhaler and a new prescription for the goddamned skin problem that gives me eyebrow dandruff (thus causing the eye problem). Tonight its off to the gym for what promises to be a long term investment in time and sweat to improve my lung capacity and ensure I don't die of a heart attack at thirty thanks to the pressure that crappy lung capacity is putting on my heart.

My only consolation is that none of you are getting any younger either and that I'll have better skin and a six pack....