The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

This morning I am mostly feeling full of oddly colored snot and the urge to be violently ill. Typically these came over me during the long long taxi trip to the datacentre this morning but considering I can spend most of today asleep and no one will know or care, it's not so bad.

Greg is moving his stuff out today and in the absence of anyone wanting to move in, myself and metalrabbit (well, mainly me) are looking at new places to live, I've got (so far) one place to look at this evening and another for tomorrow (tomorrow's one sounds mind blowingly cool). I'm not getting very serious with the searching just yet since most places want you to start the lease immediately and our current one doesn't expire until the 17th of june.
The really cool bit about all this is that I get to do most of the packing fun myself since metalrabbit is a hundred miles away. Go team me!!

In other news, I am going mildly insane from boredom out here, I'm finishing at 4:30 this afternoon to view a place and then I suspect I'm going back to the house for piece, quiet and theraputic model painting.
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