The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Minister for Health Mary Harney has described the Irish Nurse’s Organisation proposals for a new pay deal as unrealistic.

Dear Mary,
These people have to poke and prod around in septic open sores, pacify beligerent senile patients, deal with human misery, work night shifts and ridiculous hours and clean up the aftermath of society's worst excesses all the while dealing with the attitude and abuse from patients who are at their wits end because of the massive waiting lists to be seen in a hospital and/or being off their brains with booze or drugs.
You on the other hand are a politican who will once again this year be awarding yourself a massive pay increase on top of the already ridiculous amount of cash you get paid for mucking things up on a constant basis before blaming everyone else. I can see how the nurses earn their cash, can you explain (without claiming credit for something someone else did) how you earn your pay. I'd ask you to kill yourself but then you'd be making another mess for another underpaid profession to clean up.
Mr Wombat.

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